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Our Story

Our Family Practice Group was established originally in 1977 by Dr. Cliff Allen and Dr. Hal Stephany and we moved to our present location in 2003.

Our clinic is a population based health practice. We are committed to providing longitudinal care for families at the office, home, long term care facility, hospital or virtually. Together as a team, we holistically and effectively care for individual patients, their family and the community.

Along with providing  same day access, comprehensive and chronic disease management, we also advocate for preventative services and wellness.


Our clinic is a safe and open space for patients, families and staff.  As a result, we have a zero tolerance policy for rude, bigoted, or violet behaviour.  We recognize that you may have disagreements or grievances with your care team.  If this happens, please bring this up with your Family Doctor so we can address the issue to the best of our ability. 

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