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Langley Primary Health Care Associates

Helping to Build a Healthy Community

Due to the current crisis in Primary Care in BC, there are often times when your Doctor has to attend to acute/emergency scenarios that require extra time and care.  This may result in your Doctor being late for your appointment. 


                              We apologize for this and thank you for your patience.


We are NOT currently accepting New Patients

Looking for a New Family Physician?

                                                     Please contact the Langley Division of Family Practice 


For assistance finding a new family physician in your area:

Current Policy for seeing Patients due to COVID -19
We are seeing patients utilizing virtual care options as much as possible.
If we book an In Person Visit with you for concerns that we are not able to address via Virtual Care, please wait in the parking lot at your appointment time. You will a receive a text stating which room to go to. You can then proceed directly to the designated room in the clinic. 


All patients are required to change into a medical mask for their appointment in the clinic.  Refusal to do so may result in your appointment being canceled and your being asked to leave.


                                                           SWITCHING DOCTORS

We are a group practice and will help with seeing one another's patients for acute visits, however, you will always be referred back to your main Family Doctor for ongoing care.  As a professional courtesy, we DO NOT allow patients to formally switch Family Doctors within the office.  If you are looking to switch your Doctor, you will have to look outside of our office.

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